Site Plans assist in homesite selection and provide an overall prespective of the scope of a developemet

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Professional Elevation illustrations create a positive first impression for prospective buyers. Sqaure Foot optimizes for on-line applications, as well as, high resolution printing.

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Simplified Floor Plans translated from CAD drawings allow your client to preview your homes features without the clutter of unneeded information

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Deatailed Maps allow your client to accuratley locate your current communities and discover area amenities.

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Photo Enhancement has the potential to resolve issues such as bad exposure, removing unwanted elements or even putting in a lawn on an unfinished market home

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Photo enhancement creates a positive impression of your products

Photographs are one of the most enticing elements provoking buyers to make inquiries about your product.

In today's market place there is a need to generate buyer interest/awareness as soon as possible. In this rush to bring "close-to-complete" homes to the market place, photographs of unfinished homesare being utilized as the first impression to prospective buyers.

Even a professional photo of your product will not change the fact that an image of a completed home is more enticing than one that is close to complete.

With today's competitive market place you want your product to have as positive a first impression as possible.

Sqaure Foot provides an affordable service of digital enhancement that allows your product the opportunity to step to the forefront of the market place.

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